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Church Office
Tel 618-532-2614
Fax 618-532-4110
Day School
Tel 618-532-5434
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Tel 618-533-5705



     Since 1987, Trinity Preschool has prepared the children of our church & community for school, offering them Christian education in a safe, healthy environment.
     Below is information about our facilities, staff, and program, along with our Mission Statement.  If you have any additional questions please call preschool Director Cheryl Biagi at 533-5705.

Pre-School Staff & Facilities
Trinity Lutheran Church
203 S. Pleasant
(618) 533-5705

9 Staff members
  3 fulltime, 6 part-time
1700 square foot facility
3 large classrooms
New addition added in 2000


3 year old classes
Tuesday & Thursday mornings

4 year old classes
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings

6:30am to 5:30pm

After school program
for children through age 10

Current enrollment


    The Trinity Preschool  program is centered around the total development of the young child.  In our time with children, we hope to foster an atmosphere of spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.   

Our program is based upon the foundations of Christian education and a child-centered curriculum.  Each child is seen as a unique individual, loved and created by God, with their own special needs and interests.  Each day’s events build upon the children’s past experiences and their readiness periods through a balance of structured and free choice activities.  Learning experiences are designed to expand and enrich the child’s self-concept and socialization skills while also providing the foundation for cognitive growth.

During these formative years, young children in their quest for knowledge are very active learners.  Through a variety of group and individual experiences, we hope to enable each child to:

- Learn of Jesus as their personal Friend and Savior.

- Develop a healthy self-concept

- Extend their creativity

- Gain feelings of competence in the area of self-help skills

- Develop an awareness of the needs of others and a sense of cooperation

 Develop an awareness of an appreciation for the world around them

- Strengthen and improve large motor and fine motor coordination skills

- Improve and extend communication skills

- Develop a joy of learning and an interest in preschool readiness activities

Visit us at the corner of Pleasant Avenue and Route 161

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